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The PM-ProCommunity is a collaborative of PM-ProLearn Alumni, Students, and anyone pursuing a career in Project Management. We help create success for Project Managers & organizations by sharing our collective experiences, knowledge and resources for everyone's mutual growth and benefit. We provide a forum for crowd-sourced Project Management best practices, tools, and lessons learned. We help bridge the gap between training and practical implementation of successful Project Management skills. We help solve project problems. We are better together.

What You'll Find:

  1. Blog - Advice and commentary from the PM-ProExperts of PM-ProLearn

  2. Videos - Submitted by the PM-ProCommunity

  3. Forums - Members only discussions about all things Project Management

  4. Events - Webinars, meetings, training courses, and special interest gatherings

  5. PM-ProMentors - Volunteer mentors to help you succeed in Project Management certification, career progression, and expertise building

We Envision a globally connected community of project managers who support each other in Project Management success by developing a community where we can learn, grow, and thrive together.

Our Mission is to partner with PM-ProLearn & PM-ProSolutions, Inc. to contribute to the growth and continuous improvement of the global Project Management community by advancing the professional and personal development of Project Managers and the field of Project Management.

Our Core Values:

  1. People:

    • We respect, honor & dignify every human being as an intrinsically valuable creation of God

    • We work hard to build and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships of trust

  2. Engagement:

    • We care about what we do and do what we care about

    • We joyfully invest our time, talent, treasure & touch for the common good

  3. Collaboration:

    • We are better together and work for common understanding, solutions, and benefit

    • We infinitely learn from and respect the shared experiences, education, knowledge, culture, and perspective of every member

    • We invite and respect different opinions to gain understanding and move forward together

  4. Service:

    • We gladly place others before ourselves in thought and deed

    • We go the unexpected second mile to delight those we serve

  5. Stewardship:

    • We give trust and take responsibility

    • We hold ourselves and each other accountable to our mission

    • We strive for continuous innovation and improvement always looking for what’s next

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