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Participation Certs mean Nothing

Being a professional is a lifestyle that requires determination, effort and focus.

Just like in the military, achievement medals mean little, but professional badges mean a lot. They are hard to get, set aside for extreme discipline and effort, and come with an expectation that you will continue to maintain a level of knowledge, capability and professionalism by being a member of this elite group.

Just being a veteran is the same. You have an annual PT test, you go to the rifle range, you go through professional development every few years to ensure you are still relevant, aware, and capable. When you return from a tour outside your field, you get refresh training.

Professional certifications in industries are no different. The ones that have value require effort, determination, and focus. Earning your PMP, PMI-ACP, Lean Six, CCMP, is not an event, it’s a journey and it demonstrates these things. After you get it, you have to show effort to maintain it and stay relevant in your profession. They all mean something and are not given out like a participation trophy. YOU EARN THEM!!!!

Don’t waste your time on participation trophy certs. Go after the ones that mean something and you can carry with pride. Best thing is that for active duty there is funding available to pursue them. We want to help you get there and guide you to success.

Find 8, Pick a date, Send us names.

Email for more information.

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