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AF COOL allows PMP for TSGT and Below

Attention all Airmen!!!!

AF Cool leadership has recently enacted a policy that will affect anyone interested in pursuing their PMP but it has opened doors for TSGT and below to get their PMP FULLY FUNDED!!!


On 14 June AF COOL leadership enacted a policy that requires students to have an approved PMP application before they will pay for PMP Exam Prep training. We all know that concerning PMP this is NOT POSSIBLE. The Team at PM-ProLearn talked at length with the leadership that has resulted in the new policy that EVERY AIRMEN regardless of rank or experience will start with CAPM as their career goal.

Before you get emotional and say this is bogus, try to understand why.

Historically, there have been a number of airmen who have had their applications denied by PMI after they have attended a PMP training course. (NOT PM-ProLearn STUDENTS).

In order to mitigate this risk AF COOL has decided that anyone interested in pursuing a certification in project management must initially submit for CAPM as their career goal which requires zero years of experience. The application approval serves as the justification on if AF COOL will pay for your PMP exam.

Though a different process, there should be NO IMPACT to you the airmen.

How it works.

1) Airmen submit for CAPM funding to attend our PMP/CAPM training course and AF COOL pays for your training.

2) After the course Airmen get their PMP application approved by PMI

3) Airmen submit for PMP exam funding and AF COOL pays for the PMP Exam

4) AF COOL changes the career goal to PMP instead of CAPM.

Just to reiterate, AF COOL is allowing the PMP exam approval from PMI after a course to justify whether or not you the Airmen get your PMP exam funded, NOT YOUR RANK or AFSC.

This is HUGE and a great benefit to airmen.

Please spread the word.

If you want to get a custom class scheduled at your base it only takes 8 students.

Email to learn more.

To be incompliance with AFI about solicitation, simply announce at the Top3 or 5/6 that you are interested in getting your PMP and if anyone wants to learn how YOU plan to do it they can email you at (civilian email here). COME FOLLOW ME!!!!!

You can also check out our AFCOOL Underground facebook page as a place for any airmen to post information about voluntary education.

Thank you for all you do and allowing PM-ProLearn to help you.

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