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ANNOUNCEMENT: Updated Changes to the PMP Exam in 2021

PMI has announced additional changes to the PMP exam starting on 2 January 2021.

This update announces new question types (multiple choice multiple answer, hotspot, drag-and-drop matching, and limited fill in the blank) that were not included in previous versions of the exam. This will require familiarization with the new question types, and examples of how it is used can be found at this link:

The change from 200 questions to 180 questions is a welcome change for most candidates, as is the addition of the second mandatory, 10-minute break. This does adjust the previous timing characteristics that allowed for an average of 72 seconds for each question, now down to a 70 second average due to the shortening the exam length from 240-minutes (4 hours) to 230 minutes.

These changes will require new testing strategies and planning that you may have previously overlooked. As we continue to gather lessons learned from our exit interviews with test candidates, we will post them in the PM-ProCommunity pages.

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