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How Do I Remember All Those ITTOs for the PMP® Exam?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Head Smoke

As a PMP trainer, I don’t recommend you attempt to “memorize” all the Inputs, Tools/Techniques, & Outputs (ITTOs)…there are 618 of them of them in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)! I recommend you learn the content based on the process data flow – understanding what you are doing in each process and how it relates to other processes. If you understand what’s going on in each process, deciphering what you need to perform that process (inputs), what you would use to perform the process (tools/techniques), and what would be produced by performing the process (outputs) becomes much easier. If you have a good handle on the process data flow, the task of picking out ITTOs on a multiple choice test is a process of elimination and best judgement.

Be sure you are focusing on the right thing! Don’t worry about remembering; worry about understanding, and then remembering will come. This requires significant study following a focused study plan. Read the PMBOK, do flash-cards, exercises, & take quizzes in order to solidify the fundamentals in your mind. Then, practice at applying those fundamentals to the harder PMP-type questions. When you are having a hard time answering the harder PMP-level questions, revert back to the PMBOK and go over the fundamentals yet again. Immersing yourself in the material is key to getting it; you never became an expert an any job you’ve held overnight, and becoming a PMP will not happen without the same level of rigor you applied to learning any new job that you were placed in and asked you to wear a new hat!

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