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How to use Army Ignited: The best thing since AF COOL!!!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Ok little inter-service humor but still. Army CA is now on the armyingnited platform at a means to access ARMY CA Funding. (starting 17 Aug)

This platform allows soldiers to request for funding through ARMY CA to earn a civilian credential previously found in ARMY COOL but also now covers the cost of training. Better yet, the process is extremely streamlined. Submission takes about 15-30 min, but approval and funding process still takes about 45 calendar days to plan ahead.

The funding regulations follow all previous rules found under ARMY CA which allows soldiers (Active, guard, and reserve) to use their $4000 of annual tuition assistance (TA) to now cover professional certifications and credentials.

Start by going to the website and logging in.

  1. First request assistance

2. Fill out personal information and hit next

3. Choose a credential pathway: Likely to be other unless the training aligns with your MOS

4. Search for project management or Agile Certified Practitioner

5. Find your desired vendor (PM-ProLearn) and hit select

Side: Do you homework first on vendors. NOTE: PM-ProLearn also covers a free voucher for the exams which means there is no obligation to pass the exam. (you still get two free attempts though)

6. Input a start date (45 days from today) and end date(1 year from start) and make sure to check all the boxes of inclusions

7. Confirm your information and hit DONE!!!

Be careful, just because a vendor is approved does not mean quality. Do your homework.

Thank you for all you do.

Its an honor to serve you. 

Any questions: email

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