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PM-ProLearn's Ian Fisher on Beyond the Uniform

Recently, I was interviewed by Justin Nassiri for Beyond the Uniform. I had an amazing experience working with Justin and his team to get the interview below out to their audience and I am honored to be able to help their mission of helping veterans find meaningful employment after their military careers.

In Justin's words, here is what the interview was all about:

"Here are the top two reasons to listen to today’s episode:

1.Project, Program, and Portfolio Management - at BTU we often hear questions about these three career paths, and Ian goes into great detail about what these fields are, how they relate to one’s military background, and how to succeed in these career paths.

2.Certifications - Ian has great advice about education, certifications, and how to make one’s self appealing to a hiring manager."

I hope you enjoy the episode! If you have any comments or questions, please post them below. You can also connect with Ian on LinkedIn.

PM-ProLearn and Beyond the Uniform Logos

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