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PM-ProLearn's Josh Atkinson on Beyond the Uniform

Josh was recently interviewed by Justin Nassiri for the Beyond the Uniform podcast. Josh was exceptionally candid with not only his successes, but also his failures. This level of honesty created a compelling interview and has generated an amazing response from Beyond the Uniform listeners.

In Justin's words, here is what the interview was all about:

"The top two reasons to listen to this interview are:

1.Straight talk - Josh is very direct about the struggles he has faced in his career and transition. The wisdom he shares is incisive, and I think a lot of Veterans will appreciate both the sincerity and authenticity of his advice.

2.Consulting & project management - we talk about Josh’s experience with both consulting and project management, and why Veterans may love either of these career paths."

If you enjoy the episode please post your comments below and connect with Josh on LinkedIn

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