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PMP Exam Prep-Just Do It!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Do you know what the essential aspect of what we do is?

  • Nope, not our world-class highly skilled subject matter experts

  • Close, but nope, not our well-developed project management curriculum

  • You almost got it, but it is not our brand that sets us apart from other learning providers

It’s YOU!!!!!!!! Our Key Stakeholder.

The services we provide, the foundation for our course design, our mentor services are all designed and created for you. We put service before profits. We are about helping people to increase their career trajectory, their salaries, and their professional or personal goals. We love to listen to your stories and work our magic to find ways to serve your needs.

One main area we hear students talk about is their struggle just to get it done. This article is designed for you, our key stakeholder. The article will help you to clear your mind with the primary intent for you to gain the confidence you need so that you can accomplish your goal of that of the coveted PMP certification.

Just do it

The Just Do It concept created by Nike motivates many people in several ways. After all, it is easy right; Just Do It! Get up and go, do what you need to? Well, for some, yes. If someone is naturally driven, highly motivated, it is an easy concept to Just Do It. These highly motivated people have no problems setting goals. They are fierce and do what it takes to accomplish their goals regardless of what is happening around them. For those that are at an average level of motivation, this term can be the impetus to get started on their goals. It serves as a great reminder and may need to think of the phrase often to keep on track.

However, for others, when told, just do it; the phrase can solicit anger, fear, feelings of inadequacy, and anxiety, because to them, it is not easy to just do it. If you are one of these that has been on the fence to do anything, then let us help you some more.

Do you know where your hesitation comes from? Is it out of fear, previous failure, stress, test anxiety, English as a second language? Reflecting on yourself would be an excellent way to help you address the underlying issues. Here is some food for thought to get you started.


While there are many root causes of fear, a primary factor that triggers fear is a lack of confidence. If this is the case, consider reaching out to someone, a mentor, a friend, someone you know is your genuine supporter. Share those feelings directly or indirectly. Ideally, sharing your exact impressions of your fears displays vulnerability and can amplify existing connections with people. Also, talking about your worries sometimes can help you bring many issues into focus and improve your performance. Discussing fears can also release a lot of stress as others may end up sharing their own stories, which can inspire you. Our PM ProCommunity is an excellent avenue to help develop these connections.

Test Anxiety

Why are you anxious about the exam? Fear of failure? There is the option of a retest. Keep in mind, once you take the exam, you will become familiar with the process, the questions, and the overall environment. Though we will hope that you do not fail, don’t exert too much pressure because you can retest. Once you have received your scores, you will know the areas you are weak at and work on those areas to prepare again.

In addition to being afraid of the actual test, test anxiety can step from your lack of preparation. There must be some level of commitment to the exam. I have to remind you of the old adage, “you fail to plan, plan to fail.” You know your life, abilities, and time availability. Use these to develop realistic goals surrounding your study time and your learning style. Do you forget often? Well then, you should plan on studying, reviewing, doing practice tests, and putting this cycle on repeat as many times to get you prepared for your exam. If you know that you have a photographic memory or can digest any material in a week, a month, or study better under pressured deadlines, then no anxiety; this is who you are. So, have the confidence that your plan to study will work. If not, keep in mind the other saying that you prioritize the things that are important to you.

English as a second language can also breed anxiety over the exam. If this is the case, then practice exams are a must. Find a study buddy and review the questions and ensure you know what is being asked of you. You may need to brush up on your language skills as you study, so factor in time for that. Network with others, get some insights to their tips and tricks.

Failure coupled with financial constraints. The financial pressure of the cost of the exam, and the retest can give you ulcers, but keep in mind; you have to begin with a good strategy, an understanding of yourself, and realistic goals to prevent any financial constraints from failure.


Time, it’s so elusive, some of us have a lot, some, never enough. Additionally, time management is a skill that we think we have, but with the demands of the 21st century, we often get battered. So, it is what it is. Consider it a finite resource and work within limits. How do you think you can maximize your time? Do you need an accountability partner? Do you need a social media tracker? Do you need to hire domestic help just to get you through your study period? Are there tasks you can delegate or place on hold, especially as it nears the exam date? Consider the overall picture, and the opportunity costs with trying to juggle it all versus “buying” time.


A laser focus on your goals can propel you to “just do it.” Les Brown, a well-known speaker, often reminds people, “you must be hungry.” Indeed, when there is a zeal to achieve something, whether job, money, goals, or status, then the appetite to get it done opens. Consider a mentor or hanging out in a study group with other focused people to help you stay on track.

So, again, Just Do It may seem like a daunting phrase, but you got where you are at today due to some diligence, initiative, and hard work. Don’t dismiss your current strengths. You can make the study experience as long as you want or as short as you can push it. You can do it. If you have experience managing and working with projects, you can do it. So, go out there, and Just Do It. Get that PMP certificate now! We are behind you every step of the way!

Please feel free to comment below and to join the conversation in the forums here on the PM-ProCommunity website! And, our PM-ProMentors are standing by to help you prepare for your own PMP Exam

Please reach out if I can assist you in earning your PMP certification.

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