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Value of PMP to the DOD

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Over the past few years I have had a number of conversations on the value of Project Management Professional (PMP) Training and Certification to transitioning veterans. Civilian companies recognize the value of the PMP certification and it is a quick way for veterans to learn how to translate the inherent skills they possess into civilian value and PMP fits into virtually every industry. Vets are Project Managers.

The conversations recently have been a bigger and deeper discussion on the value of PMP training to the DOD (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps , Coast Guard, National Guard etc). As I have discussed this with a variety of active duty folks and GS civilian employees who work in Project and Program Management I have come to believe there is a huge value to the DOD (not just the service members) to get Active Duty personnel training in Project Management


  1. Civilian project management is the same as military planning and operations management. Project = Mission. Current military planning while standardized does not provide the granularity, detail and process standardization that civilian training does.

  2. Military planning processes do not account for fiscal risk, stakeholder communication strategy, change management and process control where PMP training does.

  3. PMP training enhances current military planning processes and teaches how to incorporate cost, scope, schedule and risk implication into planning.

  4. PMP training discusses and teaches the human engagement/leadership piece which can improve team dynamics, coordination, multi-dimensional process integration, change management, and process supervision.

  5. PMP teaches the industry standard terminology so Active Duty personnel can interact with civilian GS and contractor counterparts with meaningful conversations using the same language.

  6. PMP supports the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA)


  8. PMP training is more affordable to the service than most week long resident schools.

I hope this sparks good discussions and hope that units soon see the value in getting their Active Duty service members training in project management. Not only will the training enhance military planning and operations but also gives the service member something they can take with them to help with Transition.   It’s a WIN WIN.

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